Blue Waters Development Group relishes opportunities presented by investment in Horizon Foundation

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January 10, 2024



From its very onset over 30 years ago right up until today, the Horizon Foundation has been a visionary business organization. Working with businesses across the spectrum throughout Lee County, the foundation is a nonprofit that provides opportunities for public-private partnerships and businesses to invest in the long-term prosperity of the community.

One of the newer Visionary Investors in the foundation is Blue Waters Development Group, a community-driven commercial real estate company working to redefine the industry. Blue Waters first invested in the Horizon Foundation in 2021. The opportunity to contribute to the economic growth of Lee County is what attracted the company to the foundation.

With a goal to enhance medical and veteran services, expand educational opportunities and grow a local pipeline for its future workforce, the Blue Waters team quickly immersed themselves in the foundation’s culture. By taking part in networking opportunities with diverse industries and business leaders, as well as city, county and state-level decision-makers, Blue Waters has been able to collaborate with local business leaders to make a positive impact and improve our region.

Blue Waters Manager Danny Aguirre lauds the foundation for its efforts and says they have long been a building block of support for Lee County’s Economic Development Office. “Their work is vital in bringing together public and private partners and businesses to invest in the region’s education system, workforce, veterans’ services, housing opportunities, infrastructure and more,” said Aguirre. From the moment I met Danny, his optimism and “can do” attitude was truly infectious. He is active in both the Horizon Council and The Horizon Foundation. We are extremely fortunate to have Blue Waters as one of our partners dedicated to being a part of building Lee County’s future.

Aguirre added that potential investors in the foundation have tremendous opportunities to make connections during both public and private events. These connections often result in dialogue with other investors and local businesses that can lead to mutually beneficial partnerships. If a business wants to make a difference in Lee County’s success, it needs to be a part of the Horizon Foundation. He said, “Along with the Horizon Council, it (Horizon Foundation) is one of the few public-private funding mechanisms in the State of Florida that offers ‘boots on the ground’ business input as it pertains to economic development to keep the region moving in the right direction and to retain and attract businesses.”

As its investment in the Horizon Foundation continues, Blue Waters Development Group encourages the foundation to continue the expansion and diversification of its committees and taskforces. As Aguirre said, “Don’t be afraid to ‘think outside the box.’ In fact, there is no ‘box.’ With an abundance mindset, all things are possible. Grow the collective of businesses year over year because together we can reach great heights.”