Cushman & Wakefield | Commercial Property Southwest Florida grows with support of Horizon Foundation

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February 29, 2024



By Bill Johnson, Jr.

Cushman & Wakefield Commercial Property Southwest Florida (CPSWFL) has long been a leader in commercial real estate in Southwest Florida. For over 30 years, CEO Gary Tasman and his team of commercial real estate experts have been behind the sale or purchase of some of the most significant pieces of commercial property in our region, including a 600 multi-family unit project at U.S. 41 and Coconut Road in Estero and a 2,000,000 square foot class A industrial park under construction on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway in Fort Myers.

That success, at least in part, can be attributed to the opportunities developed through the Horizon Foundation, which has provided CPSWFL with the opportunity to involve and engage in the process of optimally developing our region and community. It allows the firm to leverage its thought leadership for the long-term benefit of our community and positively impact the growth and sustainability of Southwest Florida.

“The Foundation has offered networking opportunities, community engagement platforms and insights into local economic development,” Gary said. “This has benefited us by enhancing our local market knowledge, fostering valuable business connections and bolstering our community reputation.”

CPSWFL’s engagement with the Horizon Foundation goes back nearly 30 years, to 1995. This partnership has been pivotal. CPSWFL’s attraction to the Horizon Foundation stems from its dedication to economic development and community involvement in Lee County. Horizon’s initiatives, aimed at enhancing business climates and community welfare, resonate with CPSWFL’s corporate social responsibility objectives, aligning the two entities in their shared commitment to local progress and prosperity.

“The combination of private and public opportunities to support the growth and development of our region aligns strategically with the culture of CPSWFL, as well as its business interests,” Gary added.

The team at CPSWFL lauded the Horizon Foundation as the single most important organization in Southwest Florida to help achieve our region’s maximum growth and potential.

“It has given us the opportunity to involve and engage in the process of optimally developing our region and community, leveraging our thought leadership for long-term benefits. This positively impacts the growth and sustainability of Southwest Florida,” stated Gary. “We need to continue being a leading voice with data-driven strategies while prioritizing the quality of life and protecting the unique aspects that define our business and community. To sustain its success, the Horizon Foundation should continue to adapt to the evolving economic landscape, uphold strong relationships with local businesses and stakeholders, and innovate in our approach to community and economic development.”

As the Horizon Foundation continues to pursue economic prosperity for Southwest Florida, its uniqueness lies in its specific focus on Lee County, its deep understanding of local business and community needs, and its ability to mobilize resources and support for tailored local initiatives. This is complemented by the diversity of its members, along with their passion for finding sustainable growth plans, with a keen focus on protecting our environment and quality of life.

Gary put it well when he said, “Foundations like the Horizon Foundation play a crucial role in supporting local economic growth by providing resources and advocacy for businesses, as well as fostering community development. They often serve as bridges between private sector capabilities and community needs, enhancing collaboration and synergy for sustainable development.”

About the Author

Bill Johnson, Jr. is executive director of the Horizon Foundation. He is responsible for bringing in new investors, fostering relationships with existing investors and continuing to support Lee County’s economic growth through strategic partnerships and financial sources.