The Horizon Foundation is made up of a collective of forward-thinking business executives based in Lee County who are focused on recruiting new companies and retaining successful businesses in the area. Professionally and personally motivated to see Lee County thrive, the Horizon Foundation’s Executive Committee includes professionals from almost every industry. The committee gathers together for one simple reason: to improve Lee County’s economy and ensure it stays prosperous for the generations to come. 

Each member of the Executive Committee provides his or her time, talent and treasury to support the Lee County Economic Development Office outside of everyday employment. After experiencing success within their chosen fields, these executives represent a thriving and healthy economy in our county. Each member chooses to give back to the county through the Horizon Foundation. Its goals include inspiring more growth and ensuring that the county can recruit the right companies to the area, while also maintaining and improving Lee County’s standard of living.

An introduction and headshot for current Executive Committee members may be found below. Investors receive access to these professionals during Horizon Foundation investor-only events and meetings. 

Executive Committee member Chris Spiro

Christopher Spiro

Spiro & Associates Marketing,
Advertising, Public Relations and Brand Architecture

Executive Committee member Matt Roepstorff

Matt Roepstorff

Pratt & Whitney

Executive Committee member Ryan Carter

Ryan Carter

Scotlynn USA

Sandy Stilwell

Stilwell Enterprises

Holly Smith

Mayor of Sanibel and Sanibel Hotelier
Ex-Officio Member and

Tom Hoolihan

Lee County Industrial Development Authority
Ex-Officio Member and Advisor

Matt Price

Seagate Development Group
At-Large Member

Fred Edman

Wright Construction Group
At-Large Member

Dan Eveloff

Regions Bank
Immediate Past President

Dilman Thomas

Horizon Foundation
Executive Director & Business Community Liaison

Rachel Busch

Horizon Foundation
Business Development Director

John Talmage

Lee County Economic Development



An investment in the Horizon Foundation is an investment in Lee County’s future. 

Those who choose to become investors in the Horizon Foundation demonstrate a commitment not only to Lee County businesses, but to the creation of a thriving infrastructure, education system and competitive wage base for county employees. Each investor not only receives top-market networking opportunities, but also becomes personally involved in the economic prosperity of Lee County. In the future, when Lee County continues to grow and thrive economically, these investors will not only have a significant return on investment, but the knowledge that they played an integral role in the growth of the region.  



Becoming an investor in the Horizon Foundation is a great step toward ensuring the future of any individual’s business. By investing in the larger economy of Lee County, an investor can guarantee a more populous and diverse economic climate to support Lee County’s future. What’s on the horizon for this flourishing region can be dictated by the size of one’s investment. Have a say in the future of Lee County, and ensure a booming economy for generations to come! 

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