LMCU enjoys ‘think tank’ nature of Horizon Foundation

bill turner district manager

May 22, 2024



By Mark Stevens

As the population here in Southwest Florida continues to grow, so does the region’s business landscape. A significant part of creating that landscape for the past 30+ years has been the Horizon Foundation. This organization has successfully worked with businesses, both new to the region and established, to provide opportunities for public-private partnerships that result in investments into the long-term growth of the community.

Businesses such as LMCU, a financial institution, see the many benefits and value of investing in the Horizon Foundation as a way of increasing the success of local businesses, such as theirs. This ultimately leads to the strengthening of the economic environment of Lee County as a whole.

LMCU first invested in the Foundation in 2014 while operating as Encore Bank. In the decade since that initial investment, the Foundation has provided LMCU with an active, engaged forum of business leaders that gives the bank a strong group of people to use as a sounding board for ideas in a strong, collaborative environment. In the high-stakes competitive world of business, having an organization like the Horizon Foundation – where competitors gladly come together to share ideas for the overall success of our entire region – is outstanding.

As LMCU District Manager Bill Turner stated, “The commitment and diligence the Foundation brings to the success of the economy in Lee County drives our businesses to match that same initiative and leads us all to a more successful future here in Southwest Florida.”

According to Bill, that successful future should include the Foundation continuing to provide an open, collaborative forum to help all its member businesses succeed together. Working to bring large-scale, Fortune 500 businesses like Amazon to Southwest Florida needs to be the norm. Having these types of internationally known companies among us only strengthens the conviction of our local businesses to raise the level of our performance in tandem.

With investors like LMCU, the Horizon Foundation will continue to be an essential catalyst for economic growth and prosperity in the region. By providing financial support, fostering an entrepreneurial ecosystem, facilitating networking and collaboration, investing in workforce development and engaging with the community, the Foundation will continue to help businesses thrive and ensure a vibrant future for Lee County.

Bill summed up the power of the Foundation with this, “Quite simply put, becoming a part of the Horizon Foundation is an absolute no-brainer for all local businesses. Given the collaborative, think tank-like nature of all the businesses involved, this is a resource that every business in Lee County should be a part of.”

About the Author

Mark Stevens is president of the Horizon Foundation and president of Stevens Construction, which provides construction management, general contracting and consulting services to clients and design professionals.