About Horizon Foundation

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2201 Second Street, Suite 500, Fort Myers, FL 33901

Formed alongside the Horizon Council in 1991, the Horizon Foundation is a nonprofit organization that provides opportunities for public-private partnerships and businesses to invest in the long-term prosperity of Lee County’s economy. The Horizon Foundation privately funds the efforts of the Horizon Council, which in turn advises the Lee County Commissioners on matters of recruiting and maintaining companies to Lee County. The goal is to ensure a more diverse and competitive economy for all Lee County residents, business owners, and consumers.

Representing nearly every industry, the Horizon Foundation’s investors come together for a common goal: to support the future of this region’s economic welfare. The 100+ hard working investors are committed every day to keeping Lee County’s economy diverse and competitive for all. The Horizon Foundation is all about looking to the future. By investing in the economy of the present, investors are guaranteeing the success of what’s on the horizon.